Sample a form by emailing it to yourself

THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: Your client will see your personalized webpage when you provide a link to your webpage through an email rider, having a link on your other personal website, giving your client your personalized URL/USERNAME or sending your client a form. Once your client has opened your page a cookie is placed on their device with your special ID number. If that client goes back to just, they will be redirected back to your personalized page. RealtyEXTRA works the same way. Only if the cookie is deleted, then the client would have to click on your link again. is where you make your own landing page and you have the option to personalize in a different way than Go to for examples of how you would make your own personalize landing page. Both of these websites are available to you for one low annual subscription fee.

With you get your own personalized URL. It would be like this: Therefore, it's easy to tell someone how to get to your landing page with these financial calculations. Your username will be the same for RealtyCALC.

We have plenty of tutorials and videos to help you along the way. It's easy and doesn't require any computer coding experience.

December 2023 Special
1 year subscription is $110.00  Special – $80.00
2 year subscription is $190.00  Special – $120.00

Simple user interface and easy to set-up...

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