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Discounting one Investment

THIS WILL CALCULATE: If you have an investment that you know what the future sum will be (or an estimate of what it will be) and you want to determine how much to pay for it to earn a desired return.

EXAMPLE: I would like to borrow some money from you today. I can pay you back in 3 years from the sale of some stocks. My stocks should be worth $50,000 in 3 years. How much will you loan me if you receive $50,000 in 3 years if you desire a 15% return on your investment. (I would also be willing to make equal monthly payments too, click here)

See how to calculate this example on a: HP12C  or  HP10B


Future Value:
Desired rate of return:
Compounding period:
Number of years to get the Future Value:

Present Value:


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